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Stylist and Colorist - Lori

Glaze N’ Shine

Lori has been with us since day one; and if you are a frequent guest at the salon, chances are you probably know who she is! She is typically entertaining us with her jokes, and Elise is usually the brunt of them (Elise and Lori have worked together for over 20 years). You may even find yourself joining in on a few songs with Lori!  She is not only fun and one of the most caring person you will ever meet, but she is an amazing colorist! She has been doing babylights before it was called babylights, and every blonde is more natural than the next! Not only is she a kick-A colorist, but she also specializes in Keratin treatments and makes sure every client leaves with either a glaze or deep conditioner for extra-shiny hair.

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