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Preparing for your bridal trials:

In preparation for your bridal trials we have listed some tips below to help the trial go as smoothly as possible for both you and stylist!


Hair Trial Prep

The haircut matters BIG TIME! A lot of brides think that growing their hair out super long with no layers, angles or shape is the right thing to do BUT in reality hair that is long with no shape will look very flat. Most bridal style’s are soft, romantic and have a lot of texture. To achieve those style’s we need your hair to have shape. This could just mean adding some layers, angles in the front and maybe a fringe around the face. This can COMPLETELY change the look of the updo/down style. You can still keep your hair long, but just make sure your ends are not too split and/or damaged. If you are going for a sleeker and smooth look it still does not hurt to have a little shape in your hair!

We understand this can sometimes be confusing for our brides as to what type of layers/angles to ask for when getting their haircut! If you are local you are more than welcome to always visit us at our salon and your wedding stylist can do your haircut before your trial. We recommend separating the haircut and trial appointment but you can always do these services together during the same appointment if it is more convenient for you! If you are more comfortable having your own hairstylist do your haircut you can just relay this information and I am sure they can also help you out!

A lot of our brides decide to add extensions if they feel they need to add more fullness, length or both to their hair! We typically only recommend hair extensions if you want to wear your down or partially down for your wedding day. If you just need more fullness for your up style then we will recommend adding some hair padding. If we feel you are a good candidate for hair padding we will show you how it works on the day of your hair trial! If you feel that you might be a good candidate for extensions please reach out to us BEFORE your trial so we can help you determine which technique is best for you! At our salon we offer clip-in’s, tape-in’s and weft hand tied extensions. All consultations are complimentary!

We recommend that you come in with CLEAN, dry and smoothed out hair ( please do not put a flat iron on your hair because then it will not hold a curl) If the hair is too dirty and there is too much oil in the hair the style will fall flat. You will not get the texture and volume that are in most bridal hair styles. It is also important for you to smooth your hair as much as possible so there is not a lot of frizz left in your hair. We want to really spend that time with you in your trial understanding and deciding what bridal style you feel most comfortable with on your special day, going over the overall style of your wedding/dress and taking the time to make sure each piece is laid just the way you want!

Please bring any hair accessories you are thinking of using in your hair and your veil! But please do not worry if you do not have these items yet as they can easily be added to your style on your wedding day! Also, please be prepared to show some inspiration photos so we can get a better idea of your style. We recommend around four photos or less. Sometimes picking out too many photos can make it more overwhelming for you and can make it a little more confusing for your stylist to narrow down what you REALLY want for your wedding look! We recommend sharing your Pinterest board before your trial so we can even be better prepared for you!

Makeup Trial Prep

Please come to your trial with a clean face. If you have dry skin you can apply light moisturizer. We recommend that you exfoliate or wash your face with a washcloth the night before your trial.

Bring your inspiration photo’s for makeup too! Just like for your hair trial, four or less photo’s and sharing your Pinterest board before your trial is recommended!

Be prepared to go over your daily makeup regimen with your makeup artist. This will really help her determine your style and comfort level with makeup.

If you have a lot of allergies to makeup we recommend you bring some of your own makeup to your trial. Please let your makeup artist know that you are concerned as you have allergies to certain makeup products. She can then show you what products she will be using on you. If you are not comfortable with using any of our products then she can use your own products.

Please bring a lip color ONLY if you have a very specific shade in mind for your special day!

We hope that this information will help you better prepare for your bridal trials so you can feel more confident and prepared when meeting with us! Following these tips will also really help us ensure that we complete your look that you desire for your wedding day!

We are excited to be a part of your special day! We are here for all your beauty needs as we also offer eyelash extensions (ask about our bridal makeup and eyelash extension package discount), spray tanning and full-service hair salon services!


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