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The New Revolution in Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions before and after
Aqua and Hotheads Hair Extensions, adhesive weft extensions, are uniquely designed to lay seamlessly and undetectable in your hair without the need of tools or heat. Manufactured with amazing quality, human remy hair with the cuticle intact, allows your hair to be reapplied up to 3 times, lasting between 8 to 10 weeks each application, while still looking and feeling amazing.

Aqua and Hot Heads Extensions

Our stylist’s at Salon Le Rae have worked with several hair extension companies and none compare to Aqua and Hotheads Hair Extensions. We love using tape extensions as they are great quality, more affordable, no hair damage and much quicker to apply! Schedule your hair extensions appointment today.

We sell Bellami Clip-In hair extensions!

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Hair Extension FAQ

You can expect to be Just Beautiful! You will also be given a personal consultation by a licensed stylist or extensionist to advise you on the best technique for your hair texture and desired look.

Yes, you will first need a consultation appointment. This appointment will take around 30 minutes. In your consultation your stylist will color match your hair and then determine how many packs of extensions you will need to complete your desired look! After your consultation you will be required to pay for your extensions before they are ordered and then we can book your appointment to come back in for your extension application.

The amount of time to apply the hair extensions will differ per technique and how many packs of hair added to your hair. On average, guests should anticipate to spend 2-3 hours in the salon for basic package services.

The amount of hair that is ordered to complete your hair goal will determine the cost. The longer the length of the hair and the more packs of hair that are needed will then cost more. A 14 inch pack of 10 complete tape in extension start at $120 but can range up to $188 for a 22 inch pack of 10 complete extensions. Prices include shampoo, conditioner, and brush specifically designed for Aqua extensions. Typically to complete a full head of extensions you will need 4 packs of extensions. There is then a labor cost to apply, trim and shape and style your extensions. This labor fee is $100 per hour.  To get a full and accurate quote we require you book a consultation. This way we can determine your desired length and how many packs of extensions are needed to create your desired look!

Choosing the right color and texture that matches your natural hair is the key to natural looking extensions. We recommend a consultation to determine the best application for your hair type to achieve the most natural look.

Our extensionists are trained to balance the weight of your natural hair and the extensions. By taking the proper portion of your hair and adding extensions of equal weight, your hair extensions will look completely natural.

In the rare occasion that a guest is unhappy with their hair, the guest must notify the salon manager BEFORE leaving the salon. The client then has the option of having the issue corrected or removed completely. If a guest would like to have their extensions removed, they will be charged an extensions removal fee.

When extensions are applied properly and removed properly, they do not cause damage on your natural hair. However, this does not mean that all hair textures are ideal for hair extensions, therefore we recommend a consultation. It is also equally important to properly take care of your natural hair in between extension applications. Be sure to treat your hair with conditioning treatments, use the proper shampoo’s and conditioner’s and making sure to get regular trims on your natural hair to promote healthy hair growth.

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