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We ask that if you are coming in for a color service that you please wear an old t-shirt or clothing that you do not mind if it does get damaged from color. Unfortunately the disposable capes do not offer as much protection. We always do our best to be neat when applying color but we will not be held responsible for any color damage to your clothing.

Unfortunately no one else can accompany you to your appointment due to the state only allowing there to be a certain amount of people in the building. We can now only work at 50% capacity. If you are bringing a child in for an appointment, they will need to be comfortable with getting their service alone as you will have to wait outside for them. We will have a designated area for this! You can escort them in, and then we will call you when they are finished!

You will receive a check-in text 15 minutes prior to your appointment. When you arrive to the salon please check in and remain in your car. We will text you when we are ready for you to come inside! If you do not have access to text messaging please just call us when you have arrived at the salon. Please DO NOT come in with your own mask. We will have a new surgical mask for you labeled in your own sterile bag. We prefer surgical masks as they more affective then cloth masks and they are also easier to work with as they tie around the ears and not the back of the head. All masks have been repacked and we always take extra precaution while handling all masks and PPE items.

Please only bring in your form of payment, keys and your phone. Please no purses or coats. Apple pay and credit card are preferred for less contact. Cash tips will go directly into an envelope and given to the receptionist and they will be safely disbursed at the end of the day.

When you come to our FRONT door (please do not use our back door) you will see the door propped open and you will see a sign instructing you to hand sanitize and then take your labeled surgical mask to put on. We will then confirm that we have received your waiver and agreed to these guidelines, if we have not received these items we will ask you to do this before your appointment. Our receptionist or your stylist will then use a touch-less forehead thermometer to take your temperature and ask you a series of medical questions that you will need to answer before we can service you. The same will be done for our entire staff every day to ensure they are healthy before starting their work day.

Your stylist will greet you with your own PPE bag that will include a new disposable cape for you and a new disposable apron for your stylist to wear during your appointment. They will also be wearing a new mask as we will be switching out our masks for every new client for extra safety. All PPE items are stored in sterile bins.  We do have to charge a COVID-19 surcharge of $5 per appointment to cover all of our new COVID-19 procedures and costs to keep us all safe during this time.

We will be thoroughly cleaning all high touched surfaces constantly throughout the day, and we will need a 15-30 minute breakdown of complete disinfecting after each appointment for our station, work area, and all of our tools. We will be disinfecting the bathroom frequently throughout the day and we will have disinfecting wipes in the bathroom for you to use for extra peace of mind.

We will NOT be able to provide blow-dry services right now as it has been stated that COVID-19  is able to spread through the air so blow-dryers can spread the virus quickly. With this being said, we ask that if you are coming in for a haircut that you either come with FRESHLY WASHED HAIR styled the way that you wear it and we can cut your hair dry. If you prefer, we will shampoo you, but we will just be unable to dry you so you will have to leave with your hair wet. We ask during your shampoo that we keep this as a no talking zone as your stylist will be in close proximity to your face. This can be your time to relax and enjoy your scalp massage!

If you are coming in for a color service, we will ask you while your color processes to let us book your next appointment and take care of your payment so you can leave right after your service is completed.

Don’t Forget

You need to acknowledge our new policies and submit a waiver prior to your next appointment. You can fill out your waiver online be following the link below.

Fill Out Your Waiver

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